(ENGINE MOD) Super Smash Flash 20xx[Example, Please Read!]

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(ENGINE MOD) Super Smash Flash 20xx[Example, Please Read!]

Post by 20xxMonte on Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:50 pm

Hey guys, Monte here. I'm part of the dev team for SSFM, SSF2 Mods, the creator of Super Smash Flash 20xx and the creator of this very forum(also formerly on the long gone SSF2: FMM). Here's an example of how you should be posting your SSF2 mods on this forum, for my example I'll be using my very own beloved SSF20xx!

20xxMonte wrote:Hey guys its me, Hey guys, Monte here. After months of hard work editing the SSF2 engine, I brought you guys a sweet training and competitive mod that even works for online and tournaments!


100% done for version 1. Version 2 some day! tongue

Download link

Feel free to discuss and give feedback! Very Happy
Make sure to format your posts something like this, oh and the title too, make sure to tag your title with the type of mod or else I'll pm you and tell you to fix it like a scrub Sad

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